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Video: Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

This condition occurs as a result of a part of the brain overexerting itself due to tiny impediments of the brain in the form of blockages in and around neurons, plus weakened neurotransmitters within areas of blockages.

The tiny blockages in the brain are normally toxic heavy metals. They can also be a combination of metals, MSG pockets, and/ or chemical toxicity from anything from pesticides to air fresheners. The dominating toxic heavy metal that contributes to this condition is copper.

Copper is a conducting metal and also a grounding metal. Copper draws and guides electricity. This interferes with messages that are being delivered to the brain. Copper in the brain tissue will guide messages off the beaten path due to its radical grounding effects. For example, if someone is speaking to you, you may become distracted in some situations because copper draws energy from the neurons that are supposed to be receiving the message, which in turn triggers a sympathetic nervous system response such as sweating. Copper also interferes with messages being delivered out of your brain. For example, if you’re talking to someone, as you’re retrieving thoughts from electrical impulses traveling through neurons, copper is drawing energy from the neurons delivering the information. You’ll still be able to communicate the information, yet the sympathetic nervous system will become triggered as you do. As you sense this physical draw, it heightens your awareness that something is draining your nervous system. Copper toxicity saturates neurons and weakens and even destroys neurotransmitter chemicals, grounding them out. Depending on what part of the brain copper is in, copper can run cold inside the brain, so when electricity touches microscopic copper deposits, more cooling occurs in that part of the brain, weakening the electrical fire that messages travel on.

Because copper is the number one toxic heavy metal responsible for interrupting messaging and signaling through the sympathetic nerves, the presence of toxic copper can create what seems to be constant fight-or-flight.

Nerves throughout your body receive the messages delivered from the brain. Your brain is the voltage. Electricity going through your brain is being driven by neurons and electrical impulses that have the strength to deliver and shoot out messaging throughout all the nerves in the body. Some nerves are more grounding than others, meaning they convert that electricity to a more grounding frequency and energy. The sympathetic nerves are grounding nerves. They are smaller nerves and also denser (whereas the nerve material of larger nerves is not as dense). When copper is in the brain, it disrupts this grounding function of the sympathetic nervous system. The copper is already grounding those messages heading down the sympathetic nerves, which flips a switch. The sympathetic nerves have lost stability and are no longer grounding. These disrupted signals from the brain are enough to cause extra sweating.

The adrenals can also contribute. The brain detects a problem with the instability of the sympathetic nerves and sends a message to the adrenals that there’s a problem. The resulting adrenal response can heighten the sweating.

Low-grade viruses such as shingles can also play a role in hyperhidrosis. Individuals with the shingles virus anywhere near the cranial nerves such as the vagus or trigeminal nerves, in combination with having high copper, can make hyperhidrosis a more difficult or even severe condition. Neurotoxins created by the shingles virus feeding off copper also add to the complications of this condition. Additional chemical toxicity and MSG in the brain can add to the already existing copper and viral condition.

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This item posted: 10-Jul-2023

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