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Video: Essential Angels

Essential Angels

Essential Angels

You were born with the God-given right to reach out to angels whenever you need them. If you’ve struggled with your physical or emotional health, they’ve been your witness. Angels want to help ease our minds, rebuild our spirits and souls, and heal our bodies. They want to guide us in our most purposeful direction. Since humankind began, angels have existed to help us adapt and survive here on earth.

The angels are here to help guide us in our decision-making, to make the most of our free will. They’re here to intercept trouble and present opportunity. They’re here to help us grow, change, and handle what life brings our way. They’re here to help us see the light, guide us, and pull us out of darkness.

Angels don’t exist to fulfill our every wish and desire. They’re here to help us do God’s work, whether that’s healing ourselves from illness, reclaiming our souls, or helping others in need. The angels want to help you. It’s important to know the right angels to ask and the right way to ask. Having faith, being open, and wanting to work with them is key, too.

In Medical Medium Revised & Expanded, I share that there are 27 Essential Angels. The Essential Angels are powerful angels we can call upon and who will hear our prayers. These angels are female and rarely called upon. Each is best known by a word of power that represents her essence. You can call upon any of these angels alone, or you can call on two or more as a team. If you would like their help, it’s vital to call upon them aloud. You will find a list of these angels below.

Angel of Mercy

Angel of Faith

Angel of Trust

Angel of Healing

Angel of Restitution

Angel of Deliverance

Angel of Sun

Angel of Light

Angel of Water

Angel of Air

Angel of Purity

Angel of Fertility

Angel of Birth

Angel of Peace

Angel of Beauty

Angel of Purpose

Angel of Knowledge

Angel of Wisdom

Angel of Awareness

Angel of Relationships

Angel of Dreams

Angel of Time

Angel of Free Will

Angel of Promise

Angel of Inner Vision

Angel of Strength

Angel of Dimension

Discover how each Angel can support you in the NYT best-selling book, Medical Medium Revised & Expanded.

This item posted: 09-Sep-2023

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