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Video: Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis occur due to a pathogen—usually EBV—in the liver that’s feeding off of high levels of the toxic heavy metals copper and mercury that are there. There’s usually also old DDT and other pesticides in the liver also, which are high in copper. For eczema it is half copper and half mercury; for psoriasis it is three-quarters copper with one-quarter mercury. When the virus feeds off these poisons, it releases a potent dermatoxin, which floats up to the skin, causing severe rashes, flaking, cracking, irritation, and itching.

Ideally, the liver would filter out these dermatoxins like other debris, and the intestinal tract and kidneys would send them out of the body. However, when EBV is overloading the liver and the rest of the body, normal detox processes get interrupted, which is why these toxins end up trying to leave through the skin.

The worse off the liver is, the worse the eczema or psoriasis, as the liver’s impeded function means more dermatoxins escape. People with more eczema or psoriasis are also more prone to experience hair loss on the scalp.

The reason these conditions are often seen in multiple family members (and thus incorrectly theorized to be due to genetics) is not due to genes. Instead, it’s because the same viruses, toxic heavy metals, and other poisons are passed down from one generation to the next in a family line at conception and in the womb. In addition, family members can have similar toxin and viral exposures, lifestyle choices, and other factors after birth that can in some cases lead to people in the same family eventually experiencing the same symptom.

Eczema and psoriasis are also not autoimmune conditions. The body does not attack itself. This is a mistaken and misguided theory. The cause of eczema and psoriasis is the invaders described above (viruses and toxic heavy metals) and an overburdened, stagnant, sluggish liver from those invaders. These conditions are never caused by your own body.

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This item posted: 07-Dec-2021

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