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Eating & Confused: Trying To Use Food To Heal

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Eating & Confused: Trying To Use Food To Heal

Do we listen to our body? Or are we just listening to our consciousness? Is our consciousness conditioned to choose the foods our body doesn’t want to eat? Does our body want the same foods our consciousness wants? No one should be judged upon what they are eating. In today’s harsh world it’s easy to lean on comfort foods and use them as a drug to get by. At the same time, we kind of are aware that our body really doesn’t want ice cream, chicken fingers, cheesy pasta, cheeseburgers, pizza, and chocolate. And what about our stomachs, do our stomachs want the same choices of food we want? Do our stomachs want beer and barbecue, chicken wings, cakes and cookies, donuts, macaroni and cheese, crab cakes and tuna fish sandwiches? Do our stomachs understand the term moderation and what our brainwashed conception of moderation is?

Let’s face it, there is a huge disconnect between our mind and body, and many people go through life believing that their body is telling them what it really wants when it comes to food and drink. People often think about what they need, but don’t realize it may not be what their stomach or body needs, and yet their stomach and body have no option but to live with the choices of the mind and consciousness of that person. Even then, that person’s choice in food may be what they are told to choose, especially by others in the realm of health, who are also recommending foods they think the body needs, and they themselves are in the same situation as the people they are recommending to. Everyone is stuck in a cycle of not knowing what their body wants or needs. Listen to this gripping episode about our digestion and how food works inside of our gut.

Join me on the Medical Medium podcast to learn about using foods to heal.

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In this episode…

  • Learn about digestion and how digestion is a mystery to research and science.
  • How knowing about our digestive system might make or break us from healing or dying.
  • Why do some people overeat?
  • Why might some under-eat?
  • Discover in what ways our stomachs get disrespected and why we should respect our stomachs.
  • What happens when we’re raised on chicken fingers, melted cheese, fries and oils, ice cream, etc.?
  • We talk about what your consciousness may have been trained to eat.
  • Learn about how food is emotional.
  • How might you trick your consciousness?
  • Discover how what your stomach likes and what your consciousness likes are two different things.
  • Get to know how someone with a shrunk stomach may have a hard time transitioning diets and why.
  • Learn how transitional foods can help when balancing meal density, volume and caloric intake.
  • See just how much most people don’t know about their digestive system.
  • I talk about how you can find your calories in good places.
  • Learn when and why you might need to stretch your stomach and what that might mean.

All this and more, tune in to not miss out on this gripping episode.

This item posted: 06-Sep-2022

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