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Each Cleanse Is So Unique

Each Cleanse Is So Unique

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Advanced 369 Cleanse Day 2, so I’m ready to land on Day 9, on the Light Blast day with @medicalmedium

I truly adore how each cleanse is so unique, no matter how many times you repeat it, you’ll never guess what you’ll be cleansing and working on.

I really chose this time, as it’s a reflective time of the year, bridging the old year to the new, and it’s always been an important time for me to reflect on the changes I want to make prior to my January birthday.

I’d definitely recommend the advanced @369cleanse at times where you are ready and can process whatever surfaces. So far, I’m energetic one moment and completely out the next and within moments, I’m back again. It feels like a lot of viyruul matter having playtime with me, and I’m aware of such. It’s missing whatever it normally feeds on. It’s having its last battle (or at least some are). It feels like you take them out of their hazy sleepiness of getting their own way of controlling your body and they realise they can’t stay on autopilot, because you’re trying to kill turn off. Yes! I want my own body back!

I’m so glad of everything I’ve learned from @medicalmedium and S.O.C where would I be without you? When I hear you on Telegram saying about losing friends, my heart. I’m your friend and I’m sure the rest of the MM community feel the same way!! Love you lots, AW.

This item posted: 20-Feb-2023

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