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Every case of dyslexia is different; each person’s experience of it is unique. That’s because of its cause: exposure in early life, even before birth, to toxic heavy metals such as mercury that saturate a combination of language areas of the brain, which could include learning, visual, and recognition regions.

As I share in “Your Alloy Brain” in Medical Medium Brain Saver, heavy metals never settle and interact in the brain in the same way. For example, one child could have less aluminum and more mercury, or more aluminum and less mercury, and they could be in different areas, and that will all influence how their reading and writing issues take shape.

Often, if a child has too much mercury in processing areas of the brain, if heavy metal exposure is ongoing, or if dyslexia isn’t diagnosed until teens or young adulthood, someone will have a more difficult time with dyslexia, and it will stay with them in life if no steps are taken to remove the heavy metals. In other cases, if the heavy metal exposure is firmly in the past and was not too severe, children can grow out of the dyslexia to a degree as new neurons are created and the brain adapts. It makes a big difference if dyslexia is identified early and a child receives specific tutoring, because that helps a young brain grow around the heavy metal impediments.

Brain scans on children with severe dyslexia combined with OCD and ADHD can sometimes reveal a mysterious shadowing in the brain. What’s the cause? Toxic heavy metals coupled with lower levels of electrical activity. If doctors knew how to interpret gray matter and shadowing on scans, this could be a gateway into seeing larger deposits of toxic heavy metals with the eye.

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This item posted: 20-Feb-2023

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