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This chronic inflammatory condition is caused by neurotoxins produced by viruses such as Epstein-Barr (EBV) saturating areas of the brain that affect the autonomic nervous system.

In many cases, the inflammation is extremely mild, causing symptoms as simple as nervousness or excess sweating. Some cases are a little more intense, with neurotoxins saturating the central and autonomic nervous systems to the extent that they cause heart rate issues and sporadic fluctuations of blood pressure, whether causing blood pressure to be extremely low or even elevated.

Most people with dysautonomia experience many other symptoms of EBV too, including Raynaud’s syndrome, dizziness (which is inflammation of the vagus nerves), tinnitus, or even thyroid issues. Medical research and science are unaware that these are all EBV-related, so when they classify dysautonomia as a specific set of symptoms separate from someone’s other struggles, they don’t realize that all of that person’s health complaints could be connected to the same viral cause.

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This item posted: 19-May-2023

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