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Doctors Said There Was No Cure - Healing Eczema

Doctors Said There Was No Cure - Healing Eczema

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It was a long road for us with our first baby, we didn’t know what was eczema and what was causing my baby to have that rash all over his little body, we had many nights without being able to sleep.

The doctors said there is no cure for eczema and that he might have to use the creams to control it for the rest of his life.

One day I realised I was using 500gr of steroids creams on my baby little body every 2-3 weeks to calm him down. I didn’t want my baby to depend on steroids for the rest of his life, I had to find another option for my son and we prayed a lot.

When my friend Rossie recommend me to check @medicalmedium I found hope light and answer to my prayers.

I decided to apply all the protocols to detox his body and that was the moment I learned that almost every skin condition comes from the liver, we are loading our body with toxins every day!

They are in the perfumes, food, creams, solvents, pesticides, etc. We have to detox our body, we have to learn to use safe products in our houses, and we have to clean our bodies from the inside out to heal.

Knowledge is power and I thank God for this information MM has given to us in his books.

If you know someone with eczema please be mindful, hug them, share love with them, there is hope to heal.

This item posted: 22-Dec-2022

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