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Video: Dairy Troublemaker

Dairy Troublemaker

Dairy Troublemaker

Dairy, including milk, cheese, butter, cream, whey or whey protein powder, kefir, yogurt, ghee, sheep’s milk, goat cheese, and all other dairy, feeds pathogens. Plus, if you’re eating dairy, it prevents your body from cleansing, which means the toxins and pathogens behind chronic illness can’t leave your body so you can heal.

Dairy doesn’t just get broken down, digested, and sent on its way through the digestive tract in a timely fashion. It sticks around, allowing pathogens to thrive in the small intestinal tract and colon and slowing down the absorption and assimilation of healing foods such as fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs. These foods hold healing nutrients that get caught up in dairy’s film and lose their vitality and value.

It also smothers critical oxygen and slows down liver function, making the organ stagnant and sluggish in an immediate, acute manner (which also weakens the liver’s personalized immune system). This leads mucus to form.

When your liver becomes clogged, all of the toxins that escape your liver as a result and enter your body increase histamine compounds, which feed and form more mucus. Lymphatic vessels also become clogged with dairy byproduct. Dairy products get in the way of natural killer cells, allowing pathogens such as strep and EBV to thrive and create poisons that stimulate blood vessels and tissue to produce fluid that becomes mucus-y, which is another reason why dairy is so mucus-forming.

Dairy is sometimes considered inherently allergenic, when the truth is that it creates inflammation and other reactions because it feeds pathogens, and it’s the pathogenic activity and waste that give people symptoms.

Dairy has an addictive quality because the bugs in our system thrive on it and practically beg for it. Plus, a dairy craving is usually a sugar craving from a lack of critical glucose, because the lactose (sugar) in dairy is quite high. The problem is, dairy is often high in hidden fat, and the fat-sugar combo can create insulin resistance. When you want your body in a state of healing, it’s best to avoid dairy.

Find out more about dairy in the NYT best-selling book, Cleanse To Heal.

This item posted: 10-Mar-2022

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