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Constipation develops due to a chronically sluggish, stagnant liver that’s producing less bile and has become fatty from a range of factors such as toxic heavy metals, various other toxins, and low-grade viral or bacterial infection in both the liver and the intestinal tract. When present in the gut, pathogenic infection can cause narrowing and/or expanding in both the small intestine and colon. Viral neurotoxins can also cause inflammation of the nerve endings around the intestinal tract, resulting in peristaltic slowdown and even gastroparesis.

The part of the lymphatic system that surrounds the gut can also get overburdened, causing lymphatic fluid buildup that creates pressure against the intestines that’s enough to slow down peristaltic action and create narrower areas that make it more difficult for food to pass through. Pathogens, along with their toxic debris and sludge as well as heavy metals, can find their way into the ileum along with food that hasn’t been digested and broken down properly, causing this final section of the small intestine to become inflamed and contribute to constipation. In truth, it’s the most common area of the intestine to be inflamed; scar tissue can also form here.

Another cause of chronic constipation is food that feeds viruses and unproductive bacteria in the small intestinal tract and colon, creating inflammation there—most commonly milk, cheese, butter, eggs, and gluten. The condition can progress due to a high-fat/ high-protein diet.

When the colon is inflamed for any reason, it can kink slightly around its different bends.

Causes of acute constipation include emotional stress or nervousness creating overtightening or spasming in the abdominal muscles around the small intestine and colon. Long car rides and long plane flights coupled with foods that are not friendly to regularity can also lead to short-term constipation.

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This item posted: 03-Mar-2022

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