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Compassion is the understanding of suffering. It is the most important element in healing. There is no peace, joy, or hope until those who suffer are understood.

Compassion is the soul of peace, joy, and hope; without it, they are empty. Compassion fills them with truth, honor, and purpose. Compassion is the soul of peace. It is the power, path, life, source, answer to, and creator of peace. We think about peace as an absence—an absence of pain, suffering, disease, hatred, violence, war—when it’s also about this presence of compassion.

Without compassion, there is no hope or faith. And love can not be unconditional or long-lasting without it. Compassion is the glue-like component in a relationship. It keeps love alive and breathing. It stops love from becoming sour and turning to hate.

God is unconditional love. The human mind will always put conditions upon our love for ourselves and others. We can’t help it. We think we can feel unconditional love; what we can really do is tap into compassion alongside love. God's unconditional love is bigger, more powerful. To feel anything approaching this toward ourselves or other people, we need compassion.

Often, when people think they have compassion for themselves, it’s really confidence. Confidence comes and goes. If there’s no compassion when confidence drops away, the damage becomes extreme to the health of your soul and body. If you hold compassion within, you can lose confidence and it won’t faze you. You can fail at something, get sick, someone you had confidence in can let you down, and compassion remains.

Whether you believe in yourself or lose belief in yourself, compassion will hold it all together and keep the peace. Compassion for yourself heals. Its deep healing power can bring you out of your illness so that your belief in yourself grows.

You could be in a straw shack, in squalor, starving, with sores all over your body, and you may have more peace than someone with the greatest riches in the most beautiful environment or someone who has the ability and resources to pray in sanctuaries all over the world. It’s all about whether you’re tapping into compassion for yourself and others.

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This item posted: 08-Jan-2024

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