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Video: Chronic Anger Disorder

Chronic Anger Disorder

Chronic Anger Disorder

If posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been ruled out—which is to say, if it’s been determined that trauma from past abuse or suffering is not the cause of someone’s chronic anger, and rather, it’s unexplained—then toxic heavy metals saturating emotional areas of the brain and a stagnant, sluggish liver are the underlying causes.

You can also have a mix of all three: trauma, metals, and an overloaded, overworked, stagnant, sluggish liver. If someone had a sluggish liver and went through mental abuse and toxic heavy metal exposure at roughly the same time, chronic anger will often be expressed more aggressively and more frequently. For example, if someone went and got their mercury dental fillings removed (which destabilizes the metal) and also got the worst news that day or week, the emotional impact of the difficult development plus the mercury exposure can lead to more severe symptoms of frustration and anger if the mercury saturates the brain’s emotional centers.

Mercury saturating other areas of the brain can lead to other neurological symptoms, such as fatigue. Most often, chronic anger stems from toxic heavy metal exposures long ago, in childhood. As someone gets older, the metals age and oxidize, causing chronic anger to worsen through later years.

When people aren’t feeling well physically, it can be angering. If you’re chronically sick plus you’re also experiencing any of these factors—trauma, heavy metals, or an overloaded liver—that feeling of chronic unwellness can act as a trigger for these underlying causes of chronic anger.

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This item posted: 21-Feb-2023

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