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Video: Celebrating Five Years In The Clear From Ovarian Cancer

Celebrating Five Years In The Clear From Ovarian Cancer

Celebrating Five Years In The Clear From Ovarian Cancer

Repost from @loveallwellness

This year I celebrate 5 years in the clear

I share my story now for every truth seeking soul in need of it. To anyone who feels lost, alone, confused or is struggling - there is hope.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I knew then that my life would change.

I understand what it’s like to search everywhere for answers- going to multiple doctors, specialists, clinics, trying different treatments, therapies, cleanses, and supplement regimens. Reading countless books and articles, applying different diets and food theories. Trying everything I could and yet not really moving forward.

All served a purpose in some form, but none got to the core of the question, “WHY” is this happening and how can I heal?

Until I found Anthony William the Medical Medium. For the first time there was a concise answer to what the root cause of cancer and chronic symptoms really are, and the tools to overcome them. My prayer was answered, and I could feel the pure truth in his information. Once I started applying MM protocols I began to get relief and my symptoms lessened

At the same time I was moving more and more towards God, surrendering my expectations, desires and life to Him. I had a Divine experience in which things were revealed and confirmed to me. I was given a choice, I chose to live. (More at another time)

Your tests and trials have not come to punish you or break you down, but they are an opportunity (if you allow it), to awaken you. To bring out your souls qualities, the ones you will take with you beyond this life.

Know that we are never alone, that every sincere word, thought and prayer is heard and we are held every step of the way in this life!

You are very much loved, and cared for. And you CAN heal

My hearts love and blessings to you all!

This item posted: 21-Dec-2022

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