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Video: Brain Fog

Brain Fog

Brain Fog

Severe cases of brain fog can be devastating, making people feel like they’re losing their minds. Even mild brain fog is very challenging on the person’s mental and emotional state.

One major factor behind brain fog is a liver that’s saturated with toxic heavy metals, scented candles, air fresheners, fragrances, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins that are providing fuel to the Epstein-Barr virus. When EBV feeds on these poisons, the neurotoxins it releases explode through the bloodstream and spinal fluid, and from there, they can cross the blood-brain barrier due to their unique infiltration quality, enter the brain, and short-circuit neurons and/or damage neurotransmitters. These neurotoxins have the ability to diminish neurotransmitter activity and neurotransmitter chemicals themselves, meaning that when an electrical impulse tries to run down a neuron, the electrical impulse can misfire as it’s approaching any kind of contamination or inconsistency. The electrical impulse was carrying messages, thoughts, and information, so when it misfires, confusion and brain fog is the result of these messages becoming fragmented.

Another factor in brain fog is a high toxic heavy metal load within the brain itself. When those metals oxidize over time, their corrosive waste saturates adjacent brain tissue, glial cells, and connective tissue, with the corrosive waste eventually contaminating neurotransmitters, similar to how viral neurotoxins affect neurotransmitters.

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This item posted: 18-Apr-2023

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