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Video: Brain Cell Foods Vs. Filler Foods

Brain Cell Foods Vs. Filler Foods

Brain Cell Foods Vs. Filler Foods

People often refer to “filler foods” as bad because they associate the term with unproductive processed foods, preservatives, food chemicals, and additives. In truth these ingredients should not be called fillers. They should be called toxic processed foods, toxic preservatives, toxic food chemicals, and toxic additives. These foods and food chemicals are in the category of brain betrayers.

We don’t realize that our diet is composed of three categories:

  • Brain betrayer foods: Foods and food chemicals that actively work against our healing. You can read all about these foods in Medical Medium Brain Saver and Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. These include foods such as eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, corn, canola oil, vinegar, and more. It’s critical to know what these foods and food chemicals are so you can protect your health and the health of your family.
  • Filler foods: Foods that take up space and don’t offer healing powers for what we’re up against in today’s toxic world of sickness.
  • Brain cell foods: Foods that actively help us heal.

The true meaning of filler foods is that they take up the room of other foods—healing brain cell foods—that could help turn your life around and reverse chronic illness. Filler foods don’t reverse chronic illness. They may not worsen chronic illness, but they still don’t heal chronic illness. Restoring and healing the brain depends on non-filler foods: brain cell foods.

In the filler foods list you’ll find in Medical Medium Brain Saver and Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes, don’t be surprised when you see whole foods listed. You might think it’s a mistake that the filler foods list is not a list of processed foods. It’s no mistake. Filler foods, in their true meaning, can be wholesome, pure, organic, and not processed food or food made in a lab. Filler foods can sustain us when we’re not fighting chronic illness. As human beings, we can survive on filler foods. While our quality of survival may not be the best, regardless, we can still survive.

It’s when we’re chronically ill with any kind of condition or symptom that there are critical requirements for our food. Those requirements are antiviral compounds, antibacterial compounds, and ample amounts of nutrients such as trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and helpful amino acids (not unhelpful amino acids).

There’s a difference between medicinal foods and filler foods. Yes, filler foods have nutrients in them too. Filler foods have trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, omegas, and other nutrients, yet they’re present in such small quantities that they aren’t easily accessible—versus medicinal, healing, brain cell foods, where these nutrients are in higher quantity and much easier to absorb and access. Filler foods are missing one of the most important types of chemical compounds for humankind to survive in this day and age: antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitical, and antimold compounds. Filler foods are also missing another critical set of chemical compounds: the compounds that remove toxic heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Even though filler foods contain nutrients, they don’t have these abilities.

We get into a habit of consuming filler foods, making our diet mostly composed of filler foods and brain betrayer foods, squeezing out opportunities for foods that are powerful for our healing process. Restoring the brain takes highly nutrition-charged food. Restoring the neurons, neurotransmitters, brain tissue, glial cells, nerve cells, brain stem, and cranial nerves takes more than grass-fed beef, oatmeal, or almond butter to accomplish.

Brain cell foods fall into five categories: fruits, leafy greens, herbs, wild foods, and vegetables. These foods are all disease fighters. They also support the growth of cells in the brain such as the glial cells, connective tissue, and neurons. Try to take up the space of filler foods and brain betrayer foods in your diet with brain cell foods instead.

Filler foods won’t necessarily hurt you. They’re also not all equal. Regardless, if you dominate your diet with filler foods, you’ll be missing what you need to heal and keep you healthy and strong. You can find a list of these foods in the Brain Saver books. If you’re struggling with a symptom or condition, these are foods you only want to incorporate sparingly, if at all.

Find out exactly how to support your brain and body and which foods to eat in the New York Times best-selling books, Medical Medium Brain Saver (42% off on sale) and Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes (50% off on sale today).

Love and many blessings

This item posted: 24-Feb-2023

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