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Body Swelling: Fluid Retention, Edema, Lymphedema, Tissue Expansion

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Body Swelling: Fluid Retention, Edema, Lymphedema, Tissue Expansion

So many people are uncomfortable, struggling and even suffering from swelling, fluid retention and bloating but not everyone’s swelling, bloating, and fluid retention is the same. Everyone is also experiencing something additional happening within the body that is causing a thickening of tissue, organs, and joints that has very little to do with aging. This is when someone changes as the years go by, everything including their head starts to widen, expand and internal organs start to thicken and swell. This metamorphoses happens regardless of gaining extra pounds because of additional fat on the body.

Lymphatic drainage is becoming very popular as more and more people including younger people are trying to manage their own swelling problems. But what isn’t known is that it becomes a vicious cycle that never ends because the true core issues and problems creating the swelling, bloating and fluid retention are not being fixed, so constant management therapies such as lymphatic drainage and massage have to be on a regular basis in order to manage and regulate the swelling, but yet the real problems are never solved. This drives people into getting lymphatic drainage for relief and  to get manual squeezing to move around fluid and toxins but requires constant body servicing, every week for some people, every day for others or once every two weeks for another.

As the lymphatic system and body is being squeezed, most of the toxins end up recirculating right back into a toxic liver, one of the original sources of the swelling problem to begin and since the liver isn’t being properly addressed, the toxins end right back up into the lymphatic system causing the same swelling that leads the person right back at their lymphatic drainage therapists office for another round of squeezing.

Chronic fluid retention, swelling and bloating are more complex and more to do with other aspects of the body that are talked about in this comprehensive episode you can’t miss…

Join me on the Medical Medium podcast as we discuss body swelling, it’s causes and solutions.

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In this episode…

  • Answer the question: What is body swelling, fluid retention, edema and lymphedema and why are so many people struggling with it?
  • Why swelling is a separate problem than being overweight.
  • How the swelling is not intermittent or acute swelling that happens at one time.
  • Discover why when someone is experiencing swelling and fluid retention they can become heat sensitive.
  • Learn why different massages, lymphatic drainage massages, body wraps, intermittent fasting, steam baths and other techniques are only managing and not solving the problem.
  • Why the thickening of tissue, organs and joints has very little to do with aging, and happens regardless of gaining extra pounds.
  • Learn how the toxic liver plays a role and why toxins keep recirculating throughout the body.
  • I talk about how massage therapy has been around for decades and what its effects are.
  • Learn why health professionals are confused and claim that the body needs no help in cleansing itself, while at the same time they are recommending people to get lymphatic drainage massages, which is suggesting that the body doesn’t cleanse itself.
  • Discover how swelling is different from person to person, and while one person could be swelling in their digestive tract, another could be swelling with fluid retention or tissue expansion while also dealing with weight gain, and that the locations or amount of swelling differ.
  • I talk about how your liver is like a filter in a fish tank and how it is different than your lymphatic system.
  • Learn how the extra fluid in the lymphatic system is a life-saving mechanism of the body.
  • How chemicals from pesticides, hair products, makeups, tattoo ink, vaping and more all became the lymphatic system’s problems when that was not its original purpose.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this crucial topic.

This item posted: 29-Nov-2022

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