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Video: Blowing Away Anger, Frustration, Negativity, & Hurt Meditation

Blowing Away Anger, Frustration, Negativity, & Hurt Meditation

Blowing Away Anger, Frustration, Negativity, & Hurt Meditation

This is a powerful brain meditation to diffuse, defuse, reroute, and even halt the emotions that dominate you the moment you have been triggered. Frustration, anger, hurt, and negativity can feel unavoidable at times, even unstoppable. When we get caught up in an emotional storm and the storm takes over, especially if whatever triggered it is ongoing, we end up becoming one with the negativity or frustration or anger or hurt that’s arising. We end up resisting peace, tranquility, relaxation, and even help. As this emotional struggle is taking place within us and around us, our brain heats up. This intense brain heat can feed into the emotional struggle you are living through, causing even more brain heat and the possibility of injury to brain tissue.

Now let’s begin the meditation. Find yourself a safe, comfortable place to lie down. If you need to do this meditation while sitting up, that will work fine. Once you are in a relaxing position, close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and release. Now, on the count of three, take another deep breath. One, two, three: deep breath in and release.

Now envision yourself walking. It can be wherever you’d like, whether in nature or a city street or anywhere in between. As you’re walking, feel your feet hit the ground with every step. You start to feel the wind pick up. Can you feel the temperature of the wind? Is it warm? Is it cool? You can feel the wind tickle your face. The wind is becoming gusty and stronger. It’s getting harder to walk. The pressure from the wind is making you push against it. Do you feel the wind against your body? Do you feel the wind rush into your lungs? Now take a deep breath in and release. On the count of three, take another deep breath. One, two, three: take a deep breath in and release.

Feel the wind blow harder against your body, creating more resistance, to the point where it’s constant and no longer blowing as gusts. After pushing and pushing against the wind, you finally stop walking and give in to the wind’s force and open your arms. Feel your arms wide open as the wind is rushing against your body. Now completely relax as you are standing there against the wind. Take a deep breath in and release.

You are about to let your body fall into the wind. Are you ready to let yourself fall forward? Now let go and let yourself fall forward into the wind. Do you feel the wind catching you? The wind is strong enough to hold you upright where you are. Relax into the wind. Let the peace take over and hold you up. Feel the pressure of the wind on your abdomen, your chest, your arms, your legs, your face. No longer are you fighting against the wind. The wind feels healing. Feel your head cooling down as the wind is not allowing heat to rise inside your brain. You are one with the wind. Hear the wind rushing past your ears.

Let the wind blow the difficult emotions far, far away from you. These emotions are not a part of you anymore. These emotions do not define you. They are not truly who you are. Become one with the wind. Now take a deep breath in and release.

You can now open your eyes. You have now completed the Blowing Away Anger, Frustration, Negativity, and Hurt Meditation. You are no longer in the wind anymore. Yet you can feel the leftover windburn on your face and body. It’s a reminder that you are not controlled by anger, frustration, negativity, and hurt. They do not own you. The goal with this meditation is to know that this technique is always there, ready for you. As you are on your journey, living your life day to day, and find yourself challenged by experiences in the world that accelerate heat inside your brain, feel peace in your soul knowing that you can always change your path, cool your brain, and protect its precious resources whenever you feel your brain needs it. Feel free to repeat this meditation daily, or as many times as needed.

This healing meditation technique comes from the New York Times best-selling book, Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. You can find more healing information and support inside this Medical Medium book and its companion title, Brain Saver.

This item posted: 10-Aug-2023

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