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Video: Blood-Brain Barrier Truths

Blood-Brain Barrier Truths

Blood-Brain Barrier Truths

Our blood-brain barrier was designed to keep natural, mostly bodily toxins out of the brain. When someone has a little too much uric acid buildup because a kidney is weakened, for instance, that uric acid is not supposed to permeate the blood-brain barrier. If someone gets a cut that goes deep and leads to a skin infection, then that person could develop the beginning stages of sepsis, in which case the blood infection is not supposed to cross the blood-brain barrier. If someone ingests a toxic plant that’s been on Planet Earth for 10,000 years and was never meant to be human food, the blood-brain barrier is there to hold back at least some of the toxins in an effort to prevent the brain from going into toxic shock.

Our blood–cerebrospinal fluid barrier is also overtaxed. Cerebrospinal fluid, which surrounds the brain and spinal cord, is supposed to be pure, with no contamination. That’s the gold standard. In this time on Planet Earth, our cerebrospinal fluid is not pure. It’s harboring chemical soups from industry, pathogenic byproducts, toxic heavy metals, and more. A thousand years ago, cerebrospinal fluid may simply have had some toxic heavy metal contamination, and that was only for people living in cities with lead in the drinking water. Cerebrospinal fluid had a whole different purity hundreds and thousands of years ago. Today, we walk around polluted.

In Medical Medium Brain Saver and Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes I share all about the blood-brain barrier and how to protect and heal our brains when we are up against so many threats to our health, including many which cross the blood-brain barrier.

Our Brain: Not Licensed For Industry

The blood-brain barrier has limitations and vulnerabilities. It’s only geared for the small stuff, not for anything industrially engineered. If an industry creates a battery, for example, and that battery corrodes, and battery acid appears on the battery and then is accidentally consumed, that battery acid is going to enter through the blood-brain barrier. Industrial toxins and mercury from that battery are going to enter the brain. The blood-brain barrier’s construction is porous. It acts as a type of thin filtering wall of tissue. The blood-brain barrier is only licensed by our human bodies to keep back certain contaminants that are natural, mostly bodily toxins.

There are many pharmaceuticals designed to pass through the blood-brain barrier. Morphine is one of them. It’s one of the reasons why morphine can kill you: it can cross through blood vessels of the brain and spinal fluid vessels.

Toxic heavy metals in pharmaceuticals also cross through the blood-brain barrier. And when toxic heavy metals from any source oxidize in our body, the oxidation seeps past the blood-brain barrier.

Pathogenic Infiltration

Viral neurotoxins also pass through the blood-brain barrier. A virus itself is small, so imagine a neurotoxin coming from a virus—how small that is. Neurotoxins are excreted from virus cells as a liquid, and that neurotoxin liquid slips through the blood-brain barrier as if there is no blood-brain barrier.

Certain varieties of EBV can themselves cross through the blood-brain barrier. As for the varieties that can’t cross, their neurotoxins still can. That’s what Guillain-Barré syndrome is: pathogens and pathogenic toxins crossing through the blood-brain barrier. The pathogens that can cross the blood-brain barrier do so by latching on to that barrier and inflaming their way through.

As easy as it is to convince us that our blood-brain barrier is an impermeable presence that makes us impenetrable to the dangers that industries release into our world, all we have to do is look around us at the suffering on this planet to be reminded that this doesn’t add up. If we want to save ourselves, we can’t take advantage of our body’s protective mechanisms. We can’t take our blood-brain barrier for granted. We have to protect our brain and body right back, and that starts with bringing awareness to the daily exposures in our midst. I cover these exposures and other brain betrayers and how to protect your brain and body in Medical Medium Brain Saver (42% off on sale today) and Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes (50% off on sale today).

This item posted: 02-Mar-2023

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