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Video: Being Vegan Wasn't Enough

Being Vegan Wasn't Enough

Being Vegan Wasn't Enough

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For close to 10 years I suffered with chronic painful eczema predominantly on my hands and feet, but also other areas. This had brought the quality of my life to an all time low, making the things I loved to do and daily tasks unbearable. My hands and feet would constantly itch, crack and bleed. And trying to heal or get relief was so hard since you're constantly using them.

I went to multiple doctors in search of answers. And they couldn't tell me what was wrong. They told me I would have to live with it, gave me steroid cream and sent me on my way.

I scoured the internet and asked for advice. Some friends told me about seeing improvements with a plant based diet. I was desperate and would do anything to give myself some relief. I went in all gung ho and cut everything out of my diet all at once. And though I started to see vast improvements with my skin. I started coming down with a whole new set of symptoms. I dropped weight rapidly from 150-120. I was fatigued, had painful leg cramps every night, erectile dysfunction, popping in my right ear. All leading me back to the doctor's once again. The doctor rolled their eyes when I said I was vegan/plant based, asked me where I was getting my protein and vitamin D. Struck with self-doubt I reverted back to a healthier standard diet in fear. Within days my eczema returned in full force and I was miserable.

Doctors said my thyroid was under-producing hormones and I would need medication. I refused to accept this. I found some improvement on a low fat/high carb whole foods diet. Even though I was not in pain anymore, I was still having occasional flare ups and seeking answers.

And then I found the Medical Medium.

I was a little skeptical about all of this information coming from Spirit of Compassion but I couldn't deny that everything made total sense.

Using Medical Medium info for the last 3 years, I have only seen endless improvements that go way beyond just healing my eczema. I'm sharing this for anyone out there who's suffering or uncertain in their journey. I wish I had this info earlier. But so thankful I have it now. Thank you @medicalmedium and SOC for everything that you do!!

This item posted: 27-Jan-2023

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