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Banana: Worst Food On The Planet?

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Banana: Worst Food On The Planet?

The banana is far from the most liked food out there in the world of health. The banana is hated greatly because it has natural fruit sugars, something that is feared by almost all health practitioners, because sugar is the enemy of the health and wellness world. But is it that bad? What’s interesting is that chronic illness is growing at a record rate never seen before in our modern history and large amounts of banana isn’t what everyone is eating. In truth chocolate is far more popular, to the point where chocolate consumption is far higher than that of bananas. But yet supposedly banana is the cause of why everyone is severely ill and suffering. Let’s face it: outside of the old brown banana sitting in a tin lunch box or a banana sitting in a banana split, most people don’t go any further with consuming bananas in their diets. Grocery stores all over the world throw bananas out in the dumpster more than any other food because people don’t consume bananas at a high rate. The sad thing is bananas have something in them that’s needed for people with chronic illness and it’s called anti-viral compounds. These anti-viral compounds inhibit pathogens, and these bugs are why many people suffer from chronic symptoms and conditions. Original Medical Medium information has been teaching that pathogens cause chronic mystery symptoms and conditions for decades. Learn what else the banana has that can help heal the body and learn what’s behind the attack that’s created so much misinformation in the world about this amazing fruit.

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In this episode:

  • Learn how the banana became one of the most feared foods in the health world.
  • See why it is that people believe bananas are bad for them.
  • Answer the question: Why did the banana start getting a bad rap in the early 2000s?
  • Learn the healing benefits of the banana.
  • Find out what food science doesn’t know about anti-viral compounds.
  • Understand how viruses can affect the body and what bananas have to do with fighting them.
  • Listen about how as the popularity of bananas fell, the popularity of chocolate rose and discover why that is.
  • What happens if glucose doesn’t get to your brain in time?
  • Know the harsh truths behind why science and research chooses not to invest and look into the medicinal healing properties of some foods.
  • Understand why the industry does not care about you healing from sickness.
  • What does it mean when you get a high potassium reading on a blood test?
  • Learn about the soothing properties of the banana.
  • Discover what might be feeding the pathogens causing your viral inflammation.
  • Gain knowledge as to how the starch in bananas interacts with other substances in your body and what that does for you and the bugs inside of you.
  • See how bananas can be helpful for digestive issues and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Plus much more…

This item posted: 19-Jul-2022

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