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Autism is caused by toxic heavy metals (mercury and aluminum especially) settling in the cerebral midline canal as well as other areas of the brain. In autism large amounts and proportions of mercury are involved. In particular, heavy metals heavily dispersed in the speech, language, communication, movement, and motor control areas of the brain (in addition to the midline canal) are behind autism.  

The variability in autism’s severity—that is, the autism spectrum—is due to the variability in the quantity of metals in someone’s brain, how much mercury is present, and exactly where in the brain those heavy metals have deposited themselves.  

Recently the diagnostic rate of autism on the milder end of the spectrum has increased greatly, leading us to sometimes forget about the people and families struggling with autism on the severe end of the spectrum. When parents have a child with severe autism and they mention their child is autistic, someone else may assume everything is fine because so many people now are diagnosed with mild autism. What onlookers aren’t seeing are the exhaustion, the lack of sleep, the parents not being able to find help, the system not being set up to help parents dealing with severe autism. 

Parents and family members of someone with severe autism, once they learn the cause, can understand that their child or loved one is dealing with severe heavy metal toxicity. On the other hand, parents and family members of a child or loved one on the lower end of the autism spectrum, with very mild symptoms (many of which can’t be seen), tend to be less open to the toxic heavy metal connection. Very mild autism allows life to move forward without the grave search and need for an answer. It’s that need for an answer that opens the door to the understanding of what really happened to create autism symptoms, whether mild or severe: injury from toxic heavy metals. 

If someone with autism experiences tics, spasms, and fatigue, there could be a viral load in play too. Find out more about in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. For more on autism in general, refer to the Revised & Expanded Medical Medium.

This item posted: 11-Sep-2023

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