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There are different types of asthma, not just one as medical communities believe.

Viral Neurological Asthma: When a virus is present in the body, it can feed off certain foods and toxins, and produce viral neurotoxins as a result. These viral neurotoxins that are released from the viruses build up inside the liver and eventually escape the liver and float around in the body, and inevitably touch the vagus and phrenic nerves, causing inflammation and irritation in the chest—two of the symptoms of neurological asthma. These inflamed nerves limit breathing.

Toxic Heavy Metal Neurological Asthma: Toxic heavy metals inside the brain can interfere with cranial nerves, causing weakness in cranial nerves such as the vagus nerves. This can make breathing difficult, leading to an asthma diagnosis.

Bacterial Asthma & Lung Problems: One or more strains from the over 50 groups of Strep bacteria can infect the lungs, creating long-term, chronic issues from mild to severe.

Emotional Neurological Asthma: Stress and hardships can also be a trigger to underlying viral or bacterial conditions or lead to the release of excess adrenaline, all of which can lead to the onset of asthma.

Inflamed Bronchial Asthma - When environmental irritants enter the lungs and the body cannot expel them easily or quickly enough, they cling to the bronchial walls causing irritation. In this case, these contaminants sit on the mucus lining of the bronchial tubes, shifting back and forth as you breathe and your lungs expand and contract. What this means is that these contaminants are essentially acting like sandpaper. As they collect over time, they get stuck in the mucus lining, causing the bronchial tubes to become increasingly irritated. Mucus also plays a key role in the inflammation of the lungs and the weakening of the immune system.

Chemical Fragrances - Air fresheners, scented candles, perfumes, colognes, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, hair products, aftershaves, scented body lotions and oils are irritants to the lungs and the vagus nerves, contributing to asthma.

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This item posted: 13-Apr-2022

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