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Video: Ashwagandha: Adrenal Strengthener

Ashwagandha: Adrenal Strengthener

Ashwagandha: Adrenal Strengthener

Ashwagandha has incredible adaptogenic properties, which means it can help you handle whatever comes your way, supporting you to quickly and effectively adapt to the circumstances of the moment.

Ashwagandha strengthens the adrenals, keeping them from over- or underreacting, which is a pattern these glands assume as they weaken when under adrenal stress. This herb also minimizes adrenal surges that can feed pathogens such as EBV and shingles. By stabilizing the adrenal glands, ashwagandha helps prevent them from overproducing fear-based hormone blends that give fuel to the pathogens, which are responsible for chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions. Ashwagandha also protects the liver from excess adrenaline exposure and helps the liver produce and store dozens of hormones.

If you’re a woman who has lost hair, ashwagandha can help your hair to regrow. And if someone has alopecia, his or her adrenals are lacking one of the undocumented hormones that make up a part of the 56 different blends of adrenaline that I reveal in Medical Medium. Medical research and science are unaware that adrenaline is made up of a complicated group of hormones that haven't been identified yet. Ashwagandha can help restore a trace of the missing hormone.

For more information on how to use ashwagandha and other supplements, including suggested dosages, you can refer to Cleanse To Heal.

This item posted: 28-Jan-2022

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