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Video: All Else Failed

All Else Failed

All Else Failed

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September 21st, 2017 - rushed to the ER after throwing up for 4 days uncontrollably. Barely able to eat or drink anything. My tests come back and the doctor says I’m totally fine. Asks if I’m sure I’ve been throwing up for that many days? Am I doing this for attention? Am I making this up? I just need to stress less. This goes on for 3 years.

While going to different doctors, specialists, alternative doctors - not one could tell me what was actually going on with me. They were stumped. They ordered allergy tests, told me I was sensitive to foods & that’s why I was throwing up so to eliminate foods from my diet. When that didn’t work they gave me supplements full of crap. When that didn’t work they put me on gut powders. When that didn’t work they gave me pharmaceuticals. And when that didn’t work, they did what they always do. In true basic mainstream doctor fashion - they blamed it on me. I wanted to SCREAM! I wasn’t making it up. I just wanted answers and to feel better.

Vagus nerves, yes there are 2, run from the brain stem down into the chest like a grapevine & crisscross down into the abdomen. Pathogens, toxic heavy metals and neurotoxins inflame these nerves, causing symptoms to arise. There are “hot spots” formed on areas of the inflamed vagus nerve(s) & this will determine what symptoms you experience.

I suffered from vomiting, vertigo, anxiety, panic attacks, tightness of the chest, tightness of the throat, nausea, & gut issues. These are all due to inflamed vagus nerves. And the only reason I know that now is because @medicalmedium started talking about them. First on his lives. Then in his new books, Brain Saver & Brain Saver Protocols.

Doctors didn’t know the words “vagus nerves” until AW put it on the map.

Knowing the root cause of what ails you is half the battle. The other half is knowing how to heal it. And you can heal.

I’ve healed every single symptom listed above thanks to @medicalmedium information. Thank you, AW & SoC. #medicalmedium

This item posted: 17-Feb-2023

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