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When acne is present, it means that the liver and lymphatic system are harboring a chronic, low-grade level of Streptococcus–it can be one or more strains from the over 50 groups of Streptococcus bacteria. Acne develops when strep has made a long-term home inside the body after (sometimes long after) a strep-related infection.

Strep lives in the liver due to the abundance of food (such as antibiotics, toxic heavy metals, eggs, dairy, gluten, and more) inside the organ for it to feed on and thrive.

The lymphatic system is the favorite path for strep to enter the subcutaneous tissue beneath the skin’s surface, which happens to be a refuge for poisons and excess fat cells strep can feast on—just as they accumulate in the liver, they accumulate here. Before acne even develops, strep stays and feasts on poisons, slowly working its way through the subcutaneous fat and re-strengthening itself. Finally, it enters the bottom level of the dermis. The skin’s personalized immune system starts to gather sebum oil as a quicksand-like agent to deter the strep from getting any higher. Because the strep has been well fueled and is at this point, the sebum oil isn’t enough to stop it. Now the skin’s immune system kicks into higher gear, prompting the production of sebum oil at even larger volumes as a last attempt to trap the bacteria and safeguard your skin. When strep is strong, it fights through even the extra sebum oil and survives the lymphocytes and killer cells just below the epidermis. It climbs up into this outer layer of your skin and you end up with cystic acne.

What determines the severity of acne includes how many strains of strep you have, how many toxins such as heavy metals are present in the liver and subcutaneous tissue for strep to feed on, how many antibiotics you have used or otherwise ingested over a lifetime, what happened before your lifetime that you inherited, what kind of adrenaline surges you experience in daily life, pesticide exposure, and what your diet is like.

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This item posted: 13-Jan-2022

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