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Supplements: Do or Don't?

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Supplements: Do or Don't?

There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes down to chronic illness. Everyone is different. Some people have one symptom that keeps them up at night, interferes with their life on a daily basis, creates a situation where they have to see multiple doctors, and then there’s someone who has over a dozen symptoms and has had multiple diagnoses. They have had chronic illness for many years, and every day is a struggle. And then you may have somebody with a hundred symptoms, they too have been to multiple doctors, seen many specialists and have been diagnosed with a number of conditions, diseases and labels. Many people who are sick have tried almost everything there is in the natural health movement. Some are exhausted by the merry-go-round and trendy musical chairs. They have lost friendships, supporters and been through hell and back. When using foods for your healing process, and the foods are done correctly—keeping your fats low, incorporating leafy greens, bringing wild foods in your diet, leaving the world of fruit fear and learning how to eat fruit for the first time in one’s life—it may be all someone needs to rid the symptom or symptoms they suffer with. Someone else may need all of that plus multiple cleanses, continual heavy metal detox smoothies and supplementation.

Many people have had a bad experience with supplements throughout their healing journey. Many supplements have toxic fillers, additives, MSG and hidden ingredients that are not listed on the supplement that can give sensitive people a reaction, or slow down their healing process. This can play a role in uncomfortable experiences. Many people have tried supplements, but the supplements they are trying are not specifically geared to fixing a problem they are experiencing with their health. Medical communities are known to not know the true cause of what’s behind someone’s chronic mystery illness. Therefore, when they offer supplementation, they are throwing darts on the side of the barn. Long time chronically ill seasoned people are very informed through their experiences with medical communities not having answers and offering supplementation that misses the mark. A sad part of all of this is it can make someone shy away from an opportunity to heal when the right answers and more helpful supplementation comes along. To find out more about why good supplements are important and how they play a role in the healing process of the chronically ill, enjoy the Medical Medium advertisement-free podcast, no interruptions.

This item posted: 30-Jun-2022

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