Day 3: Nerve Gut Acid Stabilizer Brain Shot

A Medical Medium 20 Day Brain Shot Therapy Challenge Replay

Struggle with gastric or digestive issues? Looking to strengthen your vagus nerves? Deal with chronic bloating, nausea, acidic feelings, or body odor? These are just some of the concerns today’s Nerve-Gut Acid Stabilizer Brain Shot can help you with.

We go in-depth talking about the vagus nerves, symptoms created by inflamed vagus nerves, and what is causing the vagus nerves to become inflamed. Join the challenge here.

Books In The Video: Brain Saver & Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

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For the Nerve-Gut Acid Stabilizer recipe and instructions, follow the video above and click to view the recipe below:

Nerve-Gut Acid Stabilizer

Use this stabilizing shot if: You’re looking to strengthen your vagus nerves You’re dealing with gastric spasms, flatulence, chronic gastritis, mild acid reflux, or other digesti...


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