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Video: Bananas: Digestive Aid

Bananas: Digestive Aid

Bananas: Digestive Aid

Bananas contain bioavailable protein, beneficial omegas, fiber, water, antioxidants, and healing phytochemicals such as potassium. High-potassium foods such as bananas are extremely helpful for many digestive system conditions. Potassium is helpful for nerve function in the digestive tract.

Bananas are also anti-pathogenic, and they’re an incredible prebiotic as well— meaning, for one, that at the same time they help destroy and eliminate unproductive bacteria in the gut by binding onto it, they feed beneficial microorganisms there. Bananas also don’t feed pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Pathogens are behind many digestive conditions and symptoms, along with many other chronic illnesses. Bananas have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

Bananas soothe the intestinal tract. They have a “walk on water” quality that I call the Jesus Effect. This speaks to the way they move along the intestinal tract without touching the intestinal lining. The chemical compounds in bananas become a film-like shield between the banana and the lining of the intestinal tract. While the nutrients in the banana (and other foods in the gut at the same time) can pass through the shield and absorb into your intestinal lining, as the banana breaks down, it doesn’t rub on the intestinal lining. Its chemical compound coats and soothes the lining like a healing ointment.

Bananas are also anti-spasmodic and can alleviate gastric cramps & stress-related gastrointestinal disorders

Bananas are best digested when they are mostly yellow, have some firmness, with small brown dots on skin.

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This item posted: 06-Mar-2021

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