Medical Medium is the originator of BRAIN SHOT THERAPY

What will the Challenge cover?

For this 10-day Challenge, I will be guiding you through the Entry Level Cleanse.

THE CHALLENGE WILL COVER these Brain Shot Therapies:

  • Day 1: Negative Energy Exposure
  • Day 2: Betrayal And Broken Trust Stabilizer
  • Day 3: Obsessive Thoughts Shifter
  • Day 4: EMF And 5G Exposure
  • Day 5: Mold Exposure
  • Day 6: Burnout Stabilizer
  • Day 7: Adrenal Fight Or Flight Stabilizer
  • Day 8: Guilt And Shame Shifter
  • Day 9: Nerve Shifter
  • Day 10: Dreams Shifter
Brain Shot Therapy Challenge

Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy offers instant relief while you’re working to fix problems at a deeper level in your brain, nervous system, and body. Find out more about the Brain Shot Therapies in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols. 

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