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A Piece Of Myself Returned & Now I Feel A New Strength In My Abdomen & Posture
A Piece Of Myself Returned & Now I Feel A New Strength In My Abdomen & Posture

A Piece Of Myself Returned & Now I Feel A New Strength In My Abdomen & Posture

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By implementing Medical Medium information, I have completely healed severe depression, PTSD, brain fog and bladder issues, all of which I had to be medicated for and no longer require any medication for. I’ve also healed depersonalization, aches and pains, acne, night sweats, consistent panic attacks, TMJ, restless leg syndrome, hyperpigmentation, tingles and numbness, tinnitus, severe hair loss, extreme temperature fluctuations, very long and painful menstrual cycles and more. I’ve also greatly improved my chronic fatigue, anxiety and insomnia. My ill health was such a burden to my life for so long I simply did not want to be alive anymore at such a young age, but the tools Medical Medium has provided me with - information on how to heal with food, supplements, soul healing meditations, and so much more, have not only brought restoration to my physical body but also reinvigorated my soul, my faith and my joy for life. I prayed for so long in desperation for something to pull me out of my suffering, I believed I was possessed because my depression was so severe all I thought about every day was suicide. This is a thing of the past for me now and I entirely accredit this to Medical Medium information. I do not suffer with depression remotely anymore, I do not go to bed and hope I don’t wake up - rather, I experience joy, lightness, hope and love in my life now - things I believed years ago were an impossibility for me. This information has brought autonomy back to me and has allowed me to redirect my life to something positive and take control of my health. No matter how much darkness an individual is facing I truly believe with full conviction that this information holds the power to pull them out of it. I can say without hesitation I owe my entire life (literally) to this information and knowing I will have these tools forever to guide me through every storm is a blessing I will remain thankful for every day.

I was lucky enough to experience the Medical Medium light blast which was a profound experience of monumental emotional healing and release. It was such a powerful experience in which I felt so connected to something greater and so united within a community of healing individuals and where collective magic was made. It moved me to tears and the day after I felt a piece of myself return to me - one that I have felt has been missing for years.

I had eight emergency surgeries years ago and had no muscular wall in my stomach for some time and a mesh had to be placed in my abdomen to repair my muscular walls. I was in a coma and intensive care for two months and since leaving hospital I have struggled with feeling depleted in a way that made it difficult to walk and engage with daily tasks.

The Medical Medium tools have helped me tremendously with regaining my strength over time, but the following day after the light blast, I felt an intense energy around my abdomen around all of my scar tissue, and a strength re-invigorated in my stomach and posture I’ve not had for some time - where I felt weak and struggled to stand fully upright for before, I suddenly feel strength and power in my abdomen and my posture. Since the light blast, family members and friends have commented to me on how light and energy-filled my presence has been. I’m so excited to see how the effects of this light blast continue to help me over time.

This item posted: 17-Apr-2023

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