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What is gout, really? If everything were working right in the medical field, here’s what you’d hear at the doctor’s office: “Looks like you’ve got a liver condition. It appears that you have crystals in your joints formed from large accumulations of uric acid. Crystals tell us that the liver isn’t filtering properly and the kidneys are paying the price. When the blood becomes thick and filled with an overflow of poisons from a dysfunctional liver for far too long, it carries a poisonous load—that is, it’s dirty blood. As a result, waste can settle in different areas of your body. The joints are one such place because they are naturally places of lower circulation. Your joint problem is really a liver problem.”

So when someone gets a gout diagnosis, it should be a diagnosis of a liver condition. It’s puzzling to think that crystals are viewed as the cause of gout when people exhibit the same gout symptoms without crystals present. That’s because crystals aren’t the cause of gout or the cause of gout’s pain—you have to go deeper. While having an improperly working liver doesn’t automatically translate to crystals, crystals do automatically translate to an improperly working liver. Crystals are just one component that happens to be found in a big batch of muck, and sometimes they’re not there—though plenty of troublemakers still are. If researchers understood the sewage that can fill our blood and then looked for all the poisons that make it up, they’d be dismayed. Suddenly, they’d be saying, “Maybe it’s not the crystals. Look at all this toxic sludge that we don’t even look for in the lab: the oxidation from heavy metals, the petroleum from pharmaceuticals, the neurotoxins and other viral debris from a pathogen living inside the liver...” Understand that toxins and poisons have weight to them. When they flow to our extremities, they tend to sink and collect there because of their heavy nature.

Excerpt from Liver Rescue by Anthony William. Continue reading and get your copy today!


Raynaud’s Syndrome

Raynaud’s symptoms include discoloration of the skin, sometimes with tingles and numbness, most often in the extremities. It’s a result of poisons from the liver backing up into the bloodstream—that is, dirty blood syndrome. Why doesn’t everyone who’s chronically dehydrated also have Raynaud’s? Because the backlogged poisons in this case are a specific type of troublemaker: viral waste matter. 

While other troublemakers such as mercury and additional toxic heavy metals can certainly contribute to the liver’s struggle, as well as feed the virus so it can create more toxic waste, those presenting with Raynaud’s do have a specific resident of the liver: the Epstein-Barr virus. Regardless of whether a physician has found and diagnosed EBV in a Raynaud’s patient’s blood work, the virus is in the body. While much of the EBV might have moved on to the thyroid or beyond, some of it has remained in the liver. 

You can learn more about antiviral protocols as well as EBV’s viral byproduct, viral corpses, neurotoxins, and dermatoxins in Thyroid Healing. When this waste matter, which contains traces of toxic heavy metals, escapes from the liver, it can hover and float close to the skin, changing the pigment in those areas and creating dark splotches. 

The thick, dirty blood and viral liver create the circulation issues of Raynaud’s—when neurotoxins, dermatoxins, and other troublemakers back up from the liver into the bloodstream, they tend to gravitate to areas of lower circulation; that is, the fingers and toes. And the more poisons in the blood there, the less oxygen; hence the discoloration many experience. Tingles and numbness can come about from the rogue neurotoxins congregating in the blood. 

If someone with Raynaud’s is eating a diet that feeds the virus, the symptoms can become severe. It’s a viral and liver problem creating a blood problem that can be cleaned up, not the body turning against itself, as the misguided autoimmune theory speculates.

Excerpt from Liver Rescue by Anthony William. Continue reading and get your copy today!


Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark circles or even sunken eyes for weeks or months mean there’s a hidden problem: a liver problem. It’s true for children, too. This symptom has everything to do with a toxic, dehydrated liver creating toxic, dirty blood. Where the skin is thin under the eyes, it gets dark because the blood flowing through is lacking oxygen and filled with poisons, both from present-day exposure and from the troublemakers we inherit through our family lines.

As you’ll read about in Chapter 28, “PANDAS, Jaundice, and Baby Liver,” many children grow out of a sluggish liver. In that case, the dark circles disappear. Many people don’t grow out of it, or they develop or redevelop a sluggish liver when they’re older. It’s not a sign that your liver is failing you. It’s a sign that your liver has struggled to stay in balance and protect you, holding back as many toxins as it could, but at a certain point became so strained that it was forced to let some of them go.

If you’re thinking, Well, I don’t have dark under-eye circles, so I must not have dirty blood syndrome, not so fast. There are different levels and types of the toxins and other pesky presences that I call liver troublemakers. Some troublemakers can make dark circles appear; some can be released from the liver into the bloodstream without creating dark circles (and cause other problems). When the liver is sluggish, stagnant, troubled, and not performing to its full potential, it can release a whole cocktail of old and new troublemakers that can contribute to smudges beneath the eyes. For example, pharmaceuticals from the past or present are one of the troublemakers that can create dark circles. Toxic heavy metals can create a long-term shadow under the eye for children and adults, too, as can the family of various pesticides. What determines how severe under-eye circles are is hydration. Proper hydration on a daily basis can help clean up dirty blood and improve the liver just enough that the circles dissipate.

Excerpt from Liver Rescue by Anthony William. Continue reading and get your copy today!


Energy Issues

We don’t want to confuse energy issues with fatigue, whether chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, neurological fatigue, or even a case of mild fatigue, the unknown causes of which you can read about in my earlier books. The type of energy issue I’m talking about here is very common in people at the beginning stages Dirty Blood Syndrome 67 of sluggish liver. These are people who used to have all the energy in the world and could go all day long. Then, as the liver started to become burdened and dehydrated, they began to experience mild dirty blood syndrome, and their energy started to flag.

For those who were used to going at 100 miles per hour, with nothing stopping them from getting all of their tasks accomplished, this decrease in energy wouldn’t be enough to stop them from going to the company baseball game or to send them to the doctor’s office. It would be enough that they’d feel a lag at different points during the day, when they least expected it. It’s one of the very first signs of a dysfunctional liver that’s resulted in dirty blood pumping through the body. When the heart must pump harder to send blood through the body, it’s a new experience that can feel draining. 

Again, this isn’t the fatigue of a highly active case of EBV causing ME/CFS, though it also doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have EBV hiding inside the liver, getting ready to make its move to the thyroid and create a case of Hashimoto’s or a variety of mystery neurological symptoms. It’s also not a metabolism problem. Metabolism is a term used all the time to cover up for what’s not understood in the body, like undiscovered dirty blood syndrome. This energy issue is the type where someone’s been skating by fairly well and is just starting to notice changes in stamina. In this case, changing the diet and cleaning up the liver and the blood can bring her or his energy back pretty darn quickly.

Excerpt from Liver Rescue by Anthony William. Continue reading and get your copy today!


Dirty Blood Syndrome

Almost everyone on the planet is mildly to chronically dehydrated throughout childhood and adult life. For many of us, over time, our liver cells adapt to never getting proper hydration. Through a miraculous, unknown chemical function that I call the camel effect, our livers are able to keep the rest of our bodies hydrated in the long term, but it’s not perfect hydration. 

When you take in liquids from soda or coffee or black tea or other dehydrating sources, your liver releases some of the stored and highly concentrated bioactive water molecules (that I explain in Liver Rescue) so that they touch the inactive water’s contaminated, over-filtered, or otherwise dead molecules, using the inactive molecules to expand the active, concentrated ones and pass along information, in the process transforming the inactive water into a vibrant, activated, living source. This transformed water can then do its good throughout your body, hydrating other organs such as your heart and brain. You’ve been relying on the camel effect for ages without knowing it.

At a certain point, when the liver gets sluggish, weakened, or otherwise compromised and pushed for too many years with too little hydration, its ability to adapt and protect us with this unknown chemical function diminishes. The liver becomes so stagnant that poisons back up into the bloodstream and lymphatic system— and this is an equation for what I call dirty blood syndrome.

Our blood is a river you certainly wouldn’t want to drink out of—unless you cleaned it up and made it truly safe. When you’re dehydrated, you have dirtier blood, bottom line. And you don’t want dirty blood. Thick and filled with an abundance of toxins and other troublemakers, it leads to the symptoms and conditions described in this chapter, as well as to symptoms and conditions with dedicated chapters later in Parts II and III. It all depends on which type of dirty blood you have.

Excerpt from Liver Rescue by Anthony William. Continue reading and get your copy today!


Liver Enzyme Guess Test

While today’s liver testing can catch problems before they’re at their worst, it doesn’t catch problems at their earliest. All of these tests are accurate in that when the results are abnormal, there’s a very good chance that something is wrong with the liver, though what that is often remains completely unknown to medical communities. 

When any liver testing indicates a problem, it really means that the patient was dealing with a liver condition long, long before testing showed anything. If an adult’s test results show elevated enzymes or bilirubin, it usually means that something could have taken root in the liver way back, 10 or 30 years ago or even longer—sluggishness, an old viral infection, so-called autoimmune inflammation, the early stages of hepatitis C, or another issue could have started to develop decades ago. (For an infant or a child, it’s a different story. See Chapter 28 of Liver Rescue for information on juvenile liver problems.)

The only reason that a liver problem would show up quickly on an adult’s test would be if it’s an acute infection. The tests remain basic. When future tests are invented way down the road, then they will pick up on early signs of liver problems— because there is more to detect. For example, there are more than four enzymes that show up in the blood as indicators; there are dozens of undiscovered enzymes. There are also hundreds of chemical compounds yet to be discovered that will help medical professionals identify definitively what’s really happening in the liver and where. Is it hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, or one of the numerous other forms of hepatitis that medicine will eventually identify? (More on hepatitis in Chapter 29.) Are pesticides and herbicides building up in the liver and hampering it? Future testing will be able to determine these answers, because the enzymes and chemical compounds that the liver releases are special, specific signals; each enzyme and chemical compound holds a cipher.

Excerpt from Liver Rescue by Anthony William. Continue reading and get your copy today!


Sluggish Liver

Viruses, bacteria, molds, pathogenic waste, toxic heavy metals, radiation, DDT and other pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, solvents, pollutants, drugs, medications, alcohol, excess adrenaline, high-fat diets, and more take a toll on the liver as it works to protect us on a daily basis. And it’s not just what we’re exposed to in our lifetime. 

We can also inherit pathogens and toxins from our parents, who got it from their parents, who got it from theirs, meaning that some of the mercury or DDT or EBV that our livers struggle to contain comes from yesteryear. At a certain point, it can become too much. Instead of being able to function freely, the liver gets burdened as everything that we’re exposed to builds up and up. It all amounts to a condition I call sluggish liver.

The liver is meant to be your body’s peacekeeper. It’s meant to be the rock, the member of the family that makes everything okay, even when that’s a challenge. It sacrifices itself to protect you from alcohol poisoning, dirty blood, high blood pressure, and much more. In most people, the liver serves this function for decades. Then, if it’s pushed past its limit and taken for granted for too long, it reaches the point where it can no longer keep the peace. It becomes sick, congested, disgruntled, frustrated, and even angry, pushed over the edge and into battle. The first of those battle modes is sluggish liver. If it’s not caught at this stage, bigger and fiercer battles can arise that show themselves as bigger and fiercer symptoms and conditions like the many you’ll read about in the chapters ahead.

Sluggish liver is so common that 9 out of 10 people deal with it. In 15 years, it will be 10 out of 10 for anyone who hasn’t learned the truth about sluggish liver and how to protect themselves. It’s the precursor to practically anything else that goes wrong with the liver—sluggish liver explains so much of what ails us today— and yet it’s not on the radar of medical research and science.

Excerpt from Liver Rescue by Anthony William. Continue reading and get your copy today!


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