Anthony William, Medical Medium
For over 20 years, Anthony William has devoted his life to
helping people heal and overcome illness and disease.
Anthony William was born with the extraordinarily rare gift of hearing and talking to Spirit as clearly as if they were in the room together. As a child, he was able to witness disease and illness in people before they knew there was anything wrong, and he was always given specific guidance as to what modalities would help them to heal and be well again.

At the age of four, he was sitting at his grandmother’s kitchen table and saw clearly that she was suffering from lung cancer. This experience had a profound effect on Anthony and began his journey to helping others find answers and relief to their painful illnesses and suffering.

For over 20 years, Anthony William has devoted his life to helping people heal and overcome illness and disease. His skilled services are unique and highly valuable for those seeking answers and direction concerning their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

His unprecedented accuracy and success rate in healing has earned him the trust and the love of thousands worldwide. His professionalism and phenomenal source of detailed information has made him a top referral amongst leading national Medical Doctors, Physicians, Chiropractors, and Naturopathic Doctors who need additional insight into their more complicated cases.

Anthony William and Edgar Cayce
The work of Anthony William is similar in many ways to the work of Edgar Cayce's. Edgar Cayce spent over forty years of his life as a health psychic. He would enter a sleep state by lying on a couch with his eyes closed and his hands folded over his belly. From this state of consciousness, he would connect with time and space as a whole and deliver readings which were recorded by a stenographer. In this state, he would be capable of answering many questions concerning health issues as well as temporal and spiritual issues. He would be able to ask questions which concerned a specific individual in a particular location and their health concerns. The answers were written down by the stenographer and delivered to the person asking the question while a copy was archived for future reference.

The similarities between Anthony William and Edgar Cayce are found in the fact that both work in the area of finding answers for people to heal. Edgar Cayce would reveal what is available for people in order to heal. This is what Anthony William does as well. Information is delivered to Anthony William much as it was delivered to Edgar Cayce. The major difference is that Cayce’s information came from a numinous and undefined source, while Anthony William’s information comes from an identifiable source known as Spirit of the Most High. Anthony’s method of connecting with Spirit also differs from Edgar Cayce in that he remains awake and alert with all faculties intact as he receives information from Spirit to guide clients to better health. Anthony fully understands where he receives the spiritual wisdom for specific clients and Spirit maintains a clear dialogue with Anthony William as though they were having a normal, lucid conversation.

The wisdom provided by Edgar Cayce was certainly remarkable and astonishingly accurate. The information provided by Anthony William is also remarkable and astonishingly accurate and serves hundreds of clients in many different locations every day. Those who are interested in the readings of Edgar Cayce will discover that Anthony William, as a medial psychic, is also fully capable of delivering incredible insight into matters of health and healing.

Anthony William and Padre Pio
St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina was considered to be one of the greatest healers of all time. He entered the Capuchin order of monks at a young age, devoting his life in the service of God. During his boyhood he faced many psychic struggles and was said to be able to converse with Jesus Christ, the Holy Mother, his guardian angel and the Holy Spirit.

In his lifetime, Padre Pio healed literally thousands of people from various ailments. He could read anyone’s soul and was able to discover the true cause of disease and heal a person. Anthony William has often been likened to Padre Pio by his clients and thus referred to as “Padre.” Both Padre Pio and Anthony William had childhood psychic struggles and both have lived their lives in the service of healing, bringing thousands to health again. Padre Pio was able to directly contact the Holy Source and experienced many ecstasies and visions. He was said to go into trance when in prayer as well. Anthony William enters states in which he is blinded by the light of Spirit when he performs body scans. It is easy to see the similarities between Anthony William and Padre Pio. Though they are distinctly different people, they both share the capacity to read a being and bring them to healing. Padre Pio was a compassionate listener and could convey information from the Holy Source. Anthony William also listens compassionately in all cases and conveys information from Spirit to lead clients down a healing path. Those familiar with the work of Padre Pio will find much of what Anthony William does to have distinct similarities.

Mission Statement

"When someone comes to me and is truly willing to heal, I will commit my heart, soul, and all of my power, to help lead them out of the darkness of suffering and into the heavenly light of healing."

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